皇冠app下载 据ESPN报说念,若是开发者队在2012年领有完全健康的威望,他们能赢得总冠军吗?那时开发者威望中有着,利拉德、“黄曼巴”罗伊、“法国飞东说念主”巴图姆、阿尔德里奇和奥登皇冠足球,但这支球队那时饱受伤病的影响,这也让那时开发者队医有了“兽医”的名称,让咱们来望望球迷们对此作何评价! People don't realize if injuries never plagued Portland, they would have been the warriors before th

皇冠足球 键盘侠丨12年开发者全员健康会是总冠军吗?球迷:你会领有王朝



People don't realize if injuries never plagued Portland, they would have been the warriors before the warriors. Oden was insanely good, there is a reason he was considered a #1 overall pick regardless of what team got the pick. Also Roy would be a HoF if not for his knees. IYKYK


Nah they were good, no one arguing that. BUT the question is would they win a title? They winning vs the 2012 Spurs, 2012 Thunder AND the 2012 Miami Heat to win the ship?


I mean...Spurs still had Duncan, Parker, Manu and Kawhi plus Pop at coach.

As much as they underachieved, Thunder still had three future MVPs in OKC too.

我的预料是…马刺队仍然领有邓肯、帕克、马努和卡瓦伊以及波波维奇担任证实。 尽管他们弘扬欠安,但雷霆队在俄克拉荷马城仍然领有三名夙昔的MVP。

Brandon Roy was different and clutch too and a healthy Greg oden would have been a force inside. Definitely deep playoff runs


Weren’t better than the thunder or spurs


They wouldn't have got Dame if B-Roy was still there.


It's one of the great ifs of being a Blazers fan. Hard to say what team in that era would compete with them. Even Miami would be a question mark. People don't realize how good B Roy was; Kobe said he was the hardest player for him to guard.

这是算作开发者球迷的一个宽广的假定。很难说在阿谁时间哪支球队能与他们竞争。致使有老詹热火也要揣测揣测我方。东说念主们莫得阻滞到B Roy有多好;科比说他是最难正式的球员。

No. They were not beating the Lebron, Wade and Bosh Miami Heat.


If the mavericks and spurs could do it. I believe they could. It’s not like they were unbeatable. Obviously.


this team with an injured limping brandon roy almost upset the Mavs(2011 champs) in the first round without lillard or oden. they gave the mavs a harder series than the heat. now add lillard and a healthy oden


The Mavs and Heat also went 6 games. The Heat was up 2-1 at one point.


If healthy? Lebron couldn’t get past Dwight’s magic the year before because Dwight is in the middle stopping all the drives to the basket, which was the main strength of Miami with Wade and Lebron being great in that area, doubt they beat this Portland team fully healthy


That was in 2009 when LeBron was a solo act on the Cavs, there is 0 chance that Portland team beats Bron in Miami.


Right, the year before he melted down with that same Heat against the Mavs, they weren’t invincible, And the year b4 that Boston made him run out of town to Miami, and yes 09 his team highly favored to win the east, lost to Dwight Howard’s magic..


Oden? Better then the heats center (unless you consider bosh their center). Bosh and Aldridge ? Equal (unless bosh was center then major win for Portland). Batum ain’t no Lebron and that’s fair. Prime BRoy ain’t no Wade but skilled. Lillard def way better than Chalmers. Blazers.


Mavericks team won’t even better than this and they did it …


You probably said the same about Dirk & his old teammates in 2011


Trying to figure out what Oden would look like “completely healthy” is nearly impossible for me.




Brother they weren't beating D-Rose and that Chicago team either


Idk about lillard being the 3rd or 4th option. He’s not really a natural point guard, he’s shooting guard playing point. That team would’ve needed a rondo or old Chris Paul type player. Lillard could score but I don’t think he would’ve been much of a facilitator.


dame was an elite playmaker his early years and still is.


Greg Oden was a number 1 pick over KD for a reason. He would’ve been a beast but none of y’all know basketball like that. Blazers are the most unlucky when it comes to career-ending injuries.


Naw. Dame and BRoy ain’t a good fit. Put Wesley Mathews where Roy is and it’ll be a better fit. But they still not beating the Heat Thunder or Spurs in 2012 though lol



If Oden, Aldridge and Roy were healthy they consistently win 50-60 games a year. They never would have been able to get Dame unless he fell to late 1st round or they traded pieces to get a lottery pick


With 3 of those 5 fully healthy they went 50-12 add dame to that yes that’s a championship team


Anyone saying no doesn't remember how cold Roy, Aldridge, and Oden were together. They only played 62 games together and only lost 10, that big three alone would get a ring or two. Add Dame and a young Batum and you have a dynasty



Probably would have beat the thunder, spurs, mavs and lakers. Not sure if they were beating Miami in a 7 game series, best shot for that team would have been the year prior when Dallas won.


This definitely could've been a contender...

I know most might've forgot who Roy is and I get it bc time has passed. But Brandon Roy was different and if not for the injury he could've been one of the best in that era. Odgen also was haunted by injuries and was a dominant big

这统统可能成为一支有竞争力的球队… 我知说念大宽广东说念主可能还是健忘了罗伊是谁,我想法因为期间还是太潜入。但布兰登·罗伊出类拔萃,若是不是因为受伤,他底本不错成为阿谁时间最出色的球员之一。奥登也受到了伤病困扰,曾是一个占据主导地位的大个子

That’s a championship team and the number one is Brandon Roy and all these children don’t realize how good he was in his prime. The respect he had from other great players at the time as a complete player. Sad injury’s ruined him


The sad thing is, we never truly got to see Roy in his prime. He was just starting to enter his prime when he went down with injuries. Truly a shame. Only true NBA fans know how special he was.



You know a player is special when Kobe was a fan. Roy was one of those major what if’s like D Rose.


He has a special place in my heart and Im not even a Blazers fan. Great player.




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